Non-binary streamer, gamer, feminist, humanist, tech tinkerer, old weird stuff collector, and all around pretty okay person. They/them.

I’ve been gaming since the late 80’s, and streaming since 2015 (Twitch & Beam). I stream games ranging from the 90’s to current date, and primarily focus on role-playing games on PC and PlayStation. Due to health reasons I have to keep my streams short, but I try to keep my stream up for at least an hour. I do my best to make everyone feel welcome in my stream and community, and I love to hear about all the geeky fun stuff everyone has been enjoying.


Gaming PC

  • CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 5600x
  • MB: Asus B450M-PLUS Gaming
  • RAM: Crucial DDR4-3200 32gb (16gbx2)
  • GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 3gb
  • SSD: Samsung 870 EVO 1tb SATA






I appreciate the heck out of each and every one of you who has tipped, subscribed, gifted games, and anything else you’ve done through the years to support me with this crazy little thing we call streaming. I never expect or ask for money for doing this, but it does help a lot with buying more games and whatnot, and I am incredibly appreciative to those that help me that way. Thank you. <3