Hey Y’all Im kozu.png! (previously known by MuthaFlockaArt.) [Commissions Open!] Inquries DM Twitter or Discord Discord: kozu.png #8008

I love graphic design. I like to mix a fusion of anime, realism and hip hop into a Fre$heristic style of art. I do like to game as well and play games like Zelda, Resident Evil, Sekiro, Apex, Mortal Kombat and more. I tend to get very competitive but I also like my chill games! If you enjoy hanging here, leave a follow and you can stay updated on when im live!

I like to keep my streams chill, I’m a quiet person generally. and I’m comfortable with being quiet and just listening to music. Some people are more talkative and that’s ok. I feel I can at least share what I’m doing as I’m gonna do it anyway regardless of streaming.

but feel free to ask me for critiques and feedback on your art and I will see if I can help improve it in any way I can with the knowledge I have now.

I’m no expert but I will try my best to help you get those art gainz with me!

I haven’t set my panels yet cuz I be lazy but heres some art!

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