Gaming Left 4 Dead 2 - Zombie Nastiness Again

Gaming Left 4 Dead 2 - Zombie Nastiness Again
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Opti316 21:06:14 :
tc all
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good night
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yw see u again
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About mercianGRIM's Stream

Hi there, I am a mature part time variety streamer who has been gaming since the very first day I received a Sinclair ZX81, I play for fun, nothing more, I can be crude, close to the mark sometimes but never intentionally try to offend. I play games with a great group of people and represent one of the more “senior” gamers who enjoy technology, gaming, streaming and making a fool of themselves occasionally. I reserve the right to be old, its my age.

I play and stream a variety of games, if you suck at games like I do, you may as well be crap at many instead of a few, some of my more favoured games are as follows :-

Sea Of Thieves

Fallout 4

Bioshock Series

Assassin’s Creed Series

Horror Games

Dragon Age Series

The Elder Scrolls Online

Forza Horizon 4 & Motorsport 7

Totally Aggressive PvP Battle Royale Flower Arranging in a giant grapefruit….

Ok, may have made that last one up but hey, one can wish lol

My twitter account is purely to promote streamers I watch but feel free to add me ( )

Please respect my Moderators, they know when and why to ban and their bans are final, I trust them 100% and will not reverse their decisions. There are NO timeouts in my channel, no second chances, I don’t need followers, I stream for fun with a group of great people, please have a laugh and joke and if you want to follow then its always appreciated, thank you.

MONDAY ( No Stream )

TUESDAY 7.30pm To 11pm ( ish )

WEDNESDAY ( No Stream )

THURSDAY 7.30pm To 11pm ( ish )

FRIDAY ( No Stream )

SATURDAY 10.30am To 2pm ( ish )

SUNDAY ( No Stream )

I may also do extra streams off schedule

I do not expect or require subscriptions or donations, however, any funds received will be forwarded to various mental health charities which I will post on my bio on a regular basis

Thank you to my subs, I have matched the donations and made a donation of £6.25 to the mental health charity MIND this month, thank you.

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