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~Passionate Gamer for over 35 years. Enjoy the classics but also play the new-gen games as well. Husband & Father of one. Favorite Genre is RPGs. Huge fan of Square Enix. Love Dragon Warrior & Final Fantasy Series.~

Hello! I’m Mikeylovesretro

You guessed it, I play retro games. Many that you might have grown up with from the 8bit era and beyond.Most of the gameplay you will see on the channel would be casual, but I do dabble with some Speedruns. Though I’m no pro.

Really enjoy playing retro, traditional role-playing games. Final Fantasy & Dragon Quest series are among my favorites. Though anything retro I’m very passionate about & would likely check out.

Yes, I do play modern games as well. I’m pretty easy going so you can ask me anything as long as it’s not breaking the TOS


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