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Greetings Everyone

I go by the name of Omni, i’m 41 years old and avid gamer of adventure and mmorpg genre.

The very first pc gaming experience was at the age of 9 when i got my hands on an Amstrad CPC6128 and was amazed with the whole process of running and playing a game.

Since then, i played alot, i learned alot but all these haven’t come to an end. On the contrary, i like playing video games even if my daily schedule is filled with IRL stuff.

Streaming schedule will be strict and mostly during weekends, due to lack of free time.

Days Time
Saturday 19:30 - Late
Sunday 19:30 - Late

If you’re wondering how to support me (audience laughing sound effect), well… you can’t. My therapist assumed responsibility for this difficult task and hopefully once again i’ll be on my feet. You can buy me a cup of coffee though☕🪙

Lastly, you can follow me on social media and platforms