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Gaming I Link, therefore I am • !clip 🏳‍🌈

I Link, therefore I am • !clip 🏳‍🌈
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Quote #8: "go dizz go, go dizz go, go disco, go disco, go disco" [Fall Guys] [01/08/2020]
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@senpieman has started a game of trivia! Type the number of the answer to the following question: What two characters from the game Undertale are never in a relationship or not related?
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1) Frisk & Chara, 2) Sans & Papyrus, 3) Toriel & Asgore, 4) Alphys & Undyne
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The correct answer was Frisk & Chara!
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Quote #6: "Ahhhh! Look at all these tables! *flip* *flip* *flip*" [Enter The Gungeon] [09/05/2020]

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