Tech Fixing my mc mods (I probably wont)

Tech Fixing my mc mods (I probably wont)
Minecraft Programming Modding
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what does thta mean
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i dont think theyd mind

About PigCart's Stream

Hi, I’m Max. I record for my YouTube channel, but figured streaming at the same time would be more fun. I check chat often and have it on screen for most streams :>


Usually: 22:30 BST on Wednesday, Thursday, & Saturday.

If one of these is cancelled I try to update the title to say so. Sometimes I’m just late to start pls don’t muder me I’m sorry. Other livestreams could occur throughout the week. The livestreams will run for up to 3 hours.


  • Minecraft (Glimesh Plays (WORKING ON IT!!!), SMP, Creative Building)
  • Other games. (Usually some survival-y, puzzle-y, open world-y game)
  • Working on some silly project of mine (3D Modelling, Animation, Programming) I enjoy learning about things and seeing what can be created, even if I’m not very good at it myself.


Here! If you really want to be somewhere else, try following these links:

Past Streams

A table of all of my livestreams since June 2021. Why? Because I can!

Date Category Subject Title
2021-07-27 Tech Minecraft, Modding Fixing my mc mods (I probably wont)
2021-07-25 Gaming Minecraft, SMP Hearthcraft: In which I build little boats
2021-07-22 Gaming Subnautica Below Zero Can I pave over the ocean?
2021-07-18 Gaming Minecraft, SMP hearthcraft fishing event wowie
2021-07-17 Gaming Minecraft, Creative Building some houses :)
2021-07-15 Gaming Subnautica Below Zero In which I explore spooky holes
2021-07-14 Gaming Minecraft, SMP Hearthcraft: I am the sugarcane
2021-07-12 Tech Minecraft, Modding copy pasting minecraft blocks :)
2021-07-10 Tech Minecraft, Modding How *not* to do minecraft mods
2021-07-08 Gaming Subnautica Below Zero In which I have forgotten what the story is supposed to be
2021-07-03 Gaming Minecraft, Creative building a thing I saw earlier
2021-07-01 Gaming Subnautica Below Zero In which I explore the rest of the map
2021-06-30 Gaming Minecraft, SMP HearthCraft dragon fight
2021-06-24 Gaming Subnautica Below Zero In which I endlessly craft things
2021-06-23 Gaming Minecraft, SMP Hearthcraft SMP
2021-06-19 Gaming Minecraft, SMP Hearthcraft SMP
2021-06-17 Gaming Subnautica Below Zero In which I finally scan the thing
2021-06-05 Gaming Subnautica Below Zero titanium time
2021-06-03 Gaming Subnautica Below Zero more penglings is more good

Chat Rules:

  • Don’t dumb
  • No Snipping
  • No Snapping
  • Please do not the cat