this is a link to my twitter follow also my world record vigor sniper shot with the m21 no one will find longer just saying its been 4 years i was partnered until they screwed all of us after mixer went down helped put us in a shit situation and then cut us lose after saying they have our back no matter what …… stayed loyal im still sponsored with them and they still shock me with dope grips for a discount on any and all grips type #fatalgripsskillz and you will get it rather have sponsors who are loyal no surprise vigor isnt big anymore even being free its a literal copy of tarkov This link is too the discord chat come and hang out and just chat o to any and all mods i have left from mixer day hmu i really need ya’ll right now were about to go hard on Glimesh but like i always said it takes all of us not just me that’s how we did it on mixer and im confident that if we stay positive work together and only embrace the good or the bad in a good way we will keep growing this is the spot this is were we all can met and chill every day but if im putting work in please at least come by everyone supporting it would mean al ot im working on a big day z stream im getting stacked for a great stream with awesome weapons long as i get this done im taking a break from politics and putting everything ino streaming again im not looking for people to feel sorry for me im looking for a chance too show how much fun we can have i stream live on if not taken directly to my profile go to more at the top and search strueskills im the only one with this name , I like to mention the stream is way better quality is way better we have yet to have one drop it streams ten times better than on here like i always said it wasn’t me face book just can;t handle streaming by just doing it they want you to switch servers and all that extra well glimesh i can just stream….