im on disability after my body building accident i can not file the paper work for subs i can only get paypal stuff sorry everyone !!!!!!! SOON … ever wanna support this is the only way i got go through for the subs i can not use my bank im not able to work so that’s impossible this is a link to my twitter follow also my world record vigor sniper shot with the m21 no one will find longer just saying its been 4 years i was partnered until THEY LET 55 OF US WHO HELP MAKE THAT GAME WHAT IT WAS AND STOOD BEHIND IT GO EVEN AFTER ALL THE HATE AND ALL THE SHIT WE TOOK WE WERE LOYAL BUT IT IS WHAT IT IS mixer went down loosing 2k community members helped put us in a shit situation and then cut us lose after saying they have our back no matter what !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :C…… stayed loyal im still sponsored with them and they still shock me with dope grips for a discount on any and all grips type fatalgripsskillz and if you ever wanna support this is the only way my cards don’t work for this i got go through