Gaming BELOW ZERO with Zero Latency 🤩

Gaming BELOW ZERO with Zero Latency 🤩
Subnautica Below Zero
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WPguru just followed the stream!
WPguru 21:06:46 :
So sorry to say this, but the current omplementation is just not stable enough to enjoy a smooth stream.
WPguru 21:06:58 :
*implementation rather :-)
WPguru 21:07:38 :
I get dropouts every 8 seconds, pretty much like clockwork. When I watch other streamers here, their signals are stable, so it's prbably me.
WPguru 21:08:01 :
Nevertheless, this means I can't currently use Glimesh. Sorry 😕

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I’m your gracious host Jay Versluis, in some parts of the web known as The WP Guru.

I like all things 3D, and I’m not afraid to experiment with software that has too many buttons. Favourites include Unreal Engine, Blender, DAZ Studio, ZBrush and Photoshop. I also like playing video games and explore how 3D tools are used to create them (particularly building/crafting/chill games).


My main channel on YouTube is an eclectic mix of tech tips, 3D and software tutorials, as well as game play. I see streaming as a way to hang out and connect with a good crowd. As a former Mixer Streamer, I’d love to have an instant-interaction platform again. Now we have Glimesh! Let’s test, experiment, and let the good times roll!


I’ve been running websites for nearly 20 years. I use them to write documentation and intricate tech things I don’t want to forget.


I’m not exactly on the New York Times Bestseller list, but I have been doing a bit of writing and audio book narration in my time.

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