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KymPossible143 04:28:19 :
It’s Olympus and worlds edge
KymPossible143 04:28:23 :
On refs
KymPossible143 04:28:27 :
KymPossible143 04:28:43 :
Olympus and WE= pubs
KymPossible143 04:28:51 :

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Hey Everyone!

Welcome to my Glimesh Channel!

I’m just an old school gamer who was around way before Glimesh was even a thing! (Started with Atari 0_o)

And now here I am, back at it, trying to relive my glory days of Pong but at the same time use it to help others through your Follows, Donations and Subscribes!

My passion is helping people and animals. So that’s why I’m trying this new fandangled Glimesh stuff out…lol

I want to be able to use the proceeds to help others!

So, please help this old timer out by Following, Donating and Subscribing as I figure all this out!

Just a few things to keep everyone’s experience fun! <3

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I don’t mind fun banter back and forth in chat. That makes things fun, but please do not fight, threaten, or attack others. Show others the same respect you’d like. <3

English only channel.

<3 Thank you & lets all have some fun!