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| Art Streamer - Commissions Open - Portfolio : |

  • The Stream :

My streams are often art related : often drawing digital art on stream, whether it be commissions work or personal.

Though I do play some games, more so to relax or hanging out with friends.

My Favorite console is N64, some games I enjoyed from it is Paper Mario, Kirby, Pokemon Snap / Stadium, Mario Party, Diddy Kong Racing, Mario Kart, and much more.

  • The Home Life :

Besides that, I’m a Mum of two lovely boys : Vincent “ The Pokemon “ & Aevic “ The Little Taco “, as well as a Wife to Kev “ The Loves “

You’ll often hear them in the background or hear me talking to them, I dont filter nor cut that stuff out, unless I feel its needs to be.

  • My Personality :

I am a rather open minded, forward, & blunt person. Add in some Sass as well.

Though with that being said, I am also the first person willing to help in most cases, trying to make you feel better, make ya laugh.

If you dont mind my attitude and humor about things - Feel free to Stay, Chat, and Vibe with the streams I am offering at that time.