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Hello! I am mainly a gaming streamer, and my usual go-tos are colony simulators, grand strategy 4X games, and if I’m in the mood for it, the occasional narrative-driven first-person shooter.

Upcoming plans for the stream include games like Dwarf Fortress, Civilization VI, Minecraft, Stellaris, Distant Worlds 2, No Man’s Sky, and more. I’m also working on my video editing skills and learning proper sound mixing. The goal is to practice my guitar playing and start recording original songs. I’m also planning to start up my cooking streams again in the near future.

In real life I am a software developer for web applications mostly in Javascript (Nodejs), but I also have worked professionally in a few other languages as well. My hobbies include cooking with my pressure canner, my Instant Pot, my Hamilton Beach slow cooker, and occasionally our standard conventional oven. I also like music and I’m slowly picking up the guitar again.

I can be reached at the following information superhighway locations: